[Protein-crystallography] Postdoctoral position

Cameron Mura via xtal-log%40net.bio.net (by cmura from virginia.edu)
Wed Apr 22 00:32:35 EST 2009

A postdoctoral fellow position is available for an individual with a
significant amount of training and experience (3+ years) in the
methods of structual biology (X-ray crystallography or NMR) and
experimental / wet-lab biochemistry, particularly as applied to RNA
and protein*RNA complexes.  A Ph.D. is not required, but candidates
should have a clear record of success (publications), ideally in at
least two of the following broad areas:

1)  Cloning and protein expression → purification → crystallization
methodologies, including PCR, site-directed mutagenesis, protein over-
expression & purification, protein and RNA crystallization, etc.

2)  Biochemical and biophysical methods, such as Western blotting, P32-
labelling of oligonucleotides and gel-shift assays, analytical
ultracentrifugation, CD spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, light
scattering, etc.

3)  X-ray Crystallography or NMR, including structure determination
and refinement; protein and nucleic acid structure analysis; NMR-based
mapping of protein↔nucleic acid interactions; expertise in Linux-based
operation of software packages commonly used in structural biology
(CCP4, CNS, Coot, MODELLER, O, PyMOL, SHELX, etc.).

Application materials should be sent via email and should consist of
(i) A statement of interest (in cover letter format), specifying
interest in either a postdoctoral or longer-term (research staff)
position; (ii) A curriculum vitae; and (iii) Three letters of
recommendation.  Additional information can be found at
http://www.virginia.edu/chem/people/faculty/mura .

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