[Protein-crystallography] XRD and XRF XRay Tube Catalog

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Fri Mar 20 02:52:39 EST 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to enquire about a possibility of donate XRD and XRF XRay
Tube Catalog.
My name is Grzegorz Jezierski. I am a professor at Opole University of
Technology. I have been doing industrial radiology for 30 years. I am an
autor of many scientific publications about radiology. I wrote a book
"Radiography In Industry", Warsaw 1993.
	One of my hobbies is collecting Roentgen Tubes. I collect the
vintage tubes(made of the glass) and the ceramic, modern one (for
industrial radiography,dental/medical, diffraction type, fluorescence
type, microfocus X-ray tube,miniature X-ray tube). Owing to courtesy
many people and institutions I have a little collection of Roentgen
Tubes. I think to make "Museum of Roentgen Tubes" future (photos
	I was wondering if you could send me XRD and XRF XRay Tube
Catalog as an exhibit in the Museum.
Best Regards,

Grzegorz Jezierski Ph.D.
Department of Applications of Chemistry and Mechanics
Opole University of Technology
Luboszycka 5
45-036 Opole, Poland
tel. 077 423 57 90
tel. mobile 0661 891 021

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