yeast email addresses on Gopher at JHU

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Sat Apr 17 12:46:59 EST 1993

Dear yeast bionetters,

well, it didn't take him tooooo long,

Dan "mr Bio_Gopher" Jacobson put the yeast electronic mailing list 
on his gopher whole ... check it out if you are looking for the Email
address of a yeast biologist ...  and if your name is not on it ...
just mail me, and I will correct that!

here is the message I recieved from Dan earlier today:

>  Take a look on in the following directories:
> -->  14. Searching For Biologists/
>     -->  9.  E-mail Addresses of Yeast Reasearchers/
> and you'll see:
>  -->  1.  Browse E-mail Addresses of Yeast Researhers/
>       2.  Search E-mail Addresses of Yeast Researchers <?>

> Regards,
> Dan Jacobson
> danj at

thanks a lot Dan!

If you need info on getting started with gopher, you can ask Dan or
myself ... we both have a "gopher starter kit" ready to mail away!


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