Yeast E-mail Directory Available via Gopher

Dan Jacobson danj at
Fri Apr 23 08:31:18 EST 1993

In an effort to help people find one another the E-mail Directory
of "yeast-interested-people" has been made available by gopher.
Just point your gopher client at and select the
following directories:

-->  14. Searching For Biologists/  

   -->  10. E-mail Addresses of Yeast Reasearchers/

where you'll see:

 -->  1.  About The Yeast E-mail Directory.
      2.  Browse E-mail Addresses of Yeast Researhers/
      3.  Search E-mail Addresses of Yeast Researchers <?>
      4.  Retrieve the entire Yeast E-mail Addresses Directory.
      5.  Add (or Correct) Your Address to the Yeast E-mail Directory <TEL>

This directory contains the list of "yeast-interested-people"
compiled by Francis Ouellette.  The present version is 2.4b and
contains the e-mail addresses of 314 Researchers who work with Yeast. 
This list was last updated on April 21, 1993, and is updated once or
twice a month.

All corrections, additions and comments can be sent to Francis
Ouellette (francis at or modified via the gopher.

You can browse the entire list, retrieve it or (even better!) you can 
search for people by name, organization (Internet domain) or country.

For example:

You can search using this key word:


and you will get a list of Yeast researchers in Canada.

If you search for

germany and werner

You'll get a list of Yeast researchers in Germany who are called
Werner, and so on...

You can also add yourself to this list of "yeast-interested-people", 
(or correct any mistake Francis may have produced ;-) 

to do so choose:

-->  5.  Add (or Correct) Your Address to the Yeast E-mail Directory <TEL>

And you will be asked to fill out a form.  Simply hit RETURN or ENTER
when you are done with each line.

The form looks like this:

                          Yeast E-Mail Address Form

Personal info (e-mail address, name, office address, phone):

    E-mail address:
  City, State, zip:
          Country :

What are your research interests (in 20 lines or less)?

 (Fill In your information and then press RETURN from
 1 to 20 times to complete the form.)


[20 lines deleted]

Save/Cancel/Revise (s/c/r)?  


If you've never heard of gopher don't worry it's free and on the net,
just write one of us a note if you would like some information on
how to get started.

Happy searching,

Dan Jacobson                          Francis Ouellette

danj at          francis at

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