ARS in integrative plasmids

Thu Jul 8 11:30:00 EST 1993

One more note/question concerning occassional replication of integrative
plasmids: I have a suspicion (but no proof) that if a piece of DNA has
a good ARS, it does not even have to be circular in order to establish
itself extrachromosomally in yeast. However, I have to admit that this
might be just lab folklore. Does anyone have real data on spontaneous
circularization of ARS-containing linear fragments? I have only one
relevant bit of (rather unpleasant) experience: I have tried to make
a trp1 strain Trp+ using the RI fragment (cut out of a pBR derivative
without gel purification) and obtained only unstable, i.e. replicative,
transformants; I got integrants after cutting the plasmid with EcoRI and
BglII (which removes the ARS), again without fragment purification.
As some people in our lab say: never trust a budding yeast...:-)
			- Fatima -

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