integration of replicative plasmids

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In article <1993Jul9.161801.13969 at>, FATIMA at AIMP.UNA.AC.AT writes:
> When already talking about integrations... People usually worry about
> getting their construct into yeast chromosomes; replication is in such
> situations highly undesirable and therefore readily detected. Consequently,
> we know about situations, where supposedly integrative constructs established
> themselves as plasmids; but I wonder how is it in the opposite case. Do
> replicative plasmids with large regions of homology with the chromosome
> occasionally integrate? I can well imagine an equilibrium between free
> and integrated copies of the plasmids. This possibility already surfaced 
> in the current discussion together with the suggestion that the replicating
> form may perhaps be derived from the integrated (since it happened after
> transformation with linear DNA). Does anybody have experience with integra-
> tion of real replicative plasmids?               - Fatima Cvrckova

In the fission yeast, they certainly do integrate;  in fact such
integrants are routinely selected by long periods of culturing
in non-selective medium.  Of course, in fission yeast, they dont
necessarily go in by homologous recombination.


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