LiAc transformation from SC media instead of YPD

Chris Shaffer shaffer at biodec
Mon Jul 12 16:57:52 EST 1993

I am a novice yeast person and am looking for an expert opinion or 2.  I
have working in my hands a pretty good LiAc transformation procedure.
I have found for my strain that growing cells in YPD to an A600 of ~.5
gives me optimal transformation efficiency.  However I now need to
transform this strain of yeast while selecting for 2 plasmids  (one a 
2um URA3+ the other a HIS3+ 2um).   My questions are:

What is the best growth conditions for obtaining high transformation of
yeast containing (unintegrated) plasmids?

Is there an 'a priori' cell desity that I should try based on my
observation of A600 of .5 out of YPD? Or will i need to do ANOTHER
empirical assay useing growth in selective media?

Chris Shaffer
shaffer at
Biology, Washington University in St. Louis

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