tense about "Materials and Methods"

Morris F. Manolson mm6y+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Jul 19 09:51:57 EST 1993

>But since it is clear that many people do not actually
>care about the exact cell density, the thing that is importabt is to
>Publish What You Do.

Now we are getting back to the original issue that I mentioned 
oh so many post ago.........PUBLISHING!

I guess the question goes as follows:  Do you 

(1) Publish in your "Material and Methods" exactly what you did.
ie:  you state OD of cell culture that was harvested and the number of
rpm's that you spun your rotor at.

(2) Publish in your "Materials and Methods" your protocol in a manner
that can be reproduced by other labs.  ie: cells/ml and g's 

I would argue for (2) not just for the sake of the scientific community
but for your own selfish reasons....one day your spec is going to break
down, one day the rotor that you have always used is going to
be missing, one day you are going to go to a new lab with a new spec
and new centrifuges that use different rotors that you have never

OK, thats it for me.  I am starting to sound like my mother.  I hearby
swear that I will not enter this discussion............
for at least 24 hours.   ;->   

Morrie (just can't resist that last word) Manolson

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