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Daniel Zabetakis (dan at cubmol.bio.columbia.edu) wrote:
: In article <QgFTR1K00iUy87xnEO at andrew.cmu.edu> "Morris F. Manolson" <mm6y+ at andrew.cmu.edu> writes:
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: >>Manolson) writes:
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: >>  Not every experiement needs an accurate cell count.
: > 
: >DanZ
: >
: >Dear Dan, I agree completely!  Thats why you only want to make
: >one single graph of "OD vs Cell titer" for the entire time you
: >use one particular spectrophotometer.

:    Except that OD/cell varies for each strain. We proably use 10-15 different
: strains for our experiments (except mutant screen). You really need a 
: curve for each strain.

:    I take the point, but I wouldn't bother. I use OD, and I will publish
: OD. I don't really care about the cell count.

:    My pet peeve: Journals that require centrifugation in g's.  I don't know
: g's from a whole in the head. I can report the speed, and the rotor. If
: someone is cramping bad about it, let them go look up the radius. :-)

: DanZ

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Well, for things like pelleting cells who cares, but for more precise
spins the g force is the only constant. Also, someone else may not have
the literature on your rotor and may have to go through a lot of paperwork
to get what should already be figured out for your setup. All in all, a
minor point.
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