aphidicolin and yeast in vivo

MHAMILTO at vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA MHAMILTO at vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA
Tue Jul 20 13:45:52 EST 1993

    As part of a project investigating amplification, I'm looking for a
way to block replication by interfering with DNA polymerase.  I have
the appropriate cdc mutants, but would like to try a chemical method as
    I'm considering using aphidicolin to block replication in growing
cells.  This inhibitor is known to induce DNA rearrangements and
amplification in SV40. I have found a paper (1980) which notes that
invivo treatment of cells with aphidicolin has little effect up to
concentrations of 100 ug/ml.  Naturally, I found this information a
little daunting.
    Does anyone know if conditions which allow aphidicolin to work in
vivo exist?
    Is there a better choice of inhibitor which is known to induce
chromosomal aberrations?

    Replies can be sent to mhamilto at vm.ucs.ualta.ca (Internet) or
posted.  And, hey, thanks for the help.

Mike Hamilton
Department of Genetics
University of Alberta

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