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Fri Jul 30 17:13:37 EST 1993

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  OFFICE MEMO          genomic southerns                       Date: 7/29/93
Hi Yeast netters!

We have been having problems with restiction digests for southerns, and are
hoping somene will be able to help us.

We are trying to do a gene replacement in a specific strain, and to confirm the
gene replacement by southern blotting.  The problem is that our DNA
preparations (made by the method of Hoffman and Winston Gene 57:267-272 (1987))
will not cut.  This appears to be a strain specific effect, since DNA preps
from other strain backgounds cut fine.  
The DNA preps contain a white precipitate which may be polysaccharides or
carbohydrates.  Removing this precipitate by centrifugation seems to help the
digestion problem somewhat.  

Have others encountered a similar problem?  What solutions have you found for
this problem?  


David Stillman
Department of Cellular, Viral and Molecular Biology
University of Utah Medical Center
Salt Lake City, UT 84132
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phone: 801-581-5429
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