Controlling the expression of the GAL10 promoter

robert joseph litt rjl4 at
Wed May 5 14:53:14 EST 1993

I have been trying to find ways to use the GAL10 promoter to achieve
submaximal expression levels.  I am studying a gene that is lethal
when expressed in yeast, and I would like to determine the "minimal
lethal dose" of this gene's expression that will still kill the cells.
I have considered trying limiting the amount of galactose in my plates
that contain 2% raffinose as a carbon source, but I am concerned that
GAL10 promoter expression will not increase linearly with galactose
concentration, except over a very narrow range of concentrations.  I
have thought about trying to mix galactose and glucose in various
amounts to try to attain expression levels between uninduced and
induced.  Any thoughts, comments, references?

Bob Litt
rjl4 at
University of Chicago
Molecular Genetics and Cellular Biology

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