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>Is there anywhere a gene data bank (with gene sequences) _and_
>their chromosomal location (when known, of course)....?
>I dream to find in the _same_ bank the DNA sequences and the chromosomal
>location of the genes....


(bonjour :)

Do you mean a Yeast database?  Or a "all organisms" database.
I assume (but maybe lurking human/other genome people can confirm
this) that the Genbank/EMBL entries have chromosome annotation when

But I am not sure if specific chromosome annotation is there.  

I know that for CHIII of yeast, besides the ycr and ycl numbers
and the absolute nucleotide position, there is nothing else.  But
this is easy for a chromosome who's _entire_ sequence is known.  I
know that when we fill in AUTHORIN forms, we put in chromosome
location (if known) but these do not appear in the "cleaned up"
genbank entry ...

did I missunderstand you??



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