fission yeast vectors?

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Sun May 9 05:27:16 EST 1993

The notes on the range of cerevisiae vectors make me envious--
especially the Sikorski system.  Things arent yet at that stage 
in S. pombe.  It would be great if some friendly fission yeast cloner 
constructed a similar set of mix-and-match vectors.

It  might be immediately helpful to pombe people to collate a 
list of available up-to-date general purpose cloning vectors and 
markers for use in the fission yeast.  For example, Tony Carr's pUR 
vectors offer blue/white selection and ura4 and ars1 in a pUC 
derived system (thank you Tony).  As for  markers, ade6, leu1 (or 
cerevisiae LEU2) and ura4 are all cloned and functional in plasmids,
although ade6 has so many internal sites it's not a lot of use.  ARe
there other markers available?  Has anyone got the pombe equivalent of
LYS2/5, which would allow counter selection with amino-adipate?  What
about additional expression systems?

If fission yeast readers would like to e-mail me details about their
vectors and markers (and references, if available), I 'd be happy to 
collate and post the results in this forum.  


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