Useful All Purpose Yeast:coli Vectors

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Mon May 10 05:18:21 EST 1993

In article <1993May9.062336.6411 at>, odile at FRCGM51.EARN writes:
> When we published our paper, I sent the sequences in Vecbase....
> but as known, Vecbase does not appear alive...
> so I sent the sequences at (Dan Jacobson)
> where they are accessible by gopher.
> Nevertheless,  it should be a good thing if vecbase (or
> another data bank) could publish a new release for vectors,
> because its accessibility is easer than by gopher (it's my
> opinion...;-) ). Is any one know if vector sequences
> are the welcome in a easy data bank (at my knowledge, EMBL
> does not accept vectors and for Gene bank, I don't know...)

The EMBL nucleotide sequence database gladly accepts vector sequences. However,
we find it very difficult to get hold of them! Please send us the data for your
vectors, including any partial sequence data. 

Please contact me for further details.

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