carriers for yeast transformation

Tue May 18 04:08:00 EST 1993

There are quite a few yeast transformation techniques around, some of
them recommending the use of heterologous (e.g. salmon sperm) DNA as a
carrier. I am always worried about the possibility that the fish DNA
may get integrated into the poor yeast's genome, causing mutations and
subsequently troubles to the unlucky experimentator. Did anybody ever
looked at the frequency of heterologous integrations? I guess that it
might be quite high and that it might be one of the reasons why transfor-
mation is considered mutagenic. Are the salmon sperm-free transformation
procedures mutagenic as well? (As a presumably safer alternative to
salmon sperm DNA one can use RNA as the carrier; even E. coli RNA from
dirty plasmid preps works well.)                -Fatima-

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