Post-doctoral position

Sean Sean
Mon Nov 1 18:43:15 EST 1993

                     Post-doctoral position

               Molecular Genetic Analysis of Genes
                   Required for Cytokinesis in
                    Schizosaccharomyces pombe

A post-doctoral position is available in January 1993 for an
initial period of two years.  We have cloned genes required for
cytokinesis in Schizosaccharomyces pombe by complementation of
temperature-sensitive lethal cell division control mutants isolated
by Nurse, Thuriaux & Nasmyth (1976 Mol.Gen.Genet. 146:167-178).
One gene (cdc8) encodes a novel tropomyosin that forms an essential
part of the contractile ring at cytokinesis (Balasubramanian,
Helfman & Hemmingsen (1992) Nature 360: 84-87.

                   Ongoing research includes:

(1)  A molecular genetic - biochemical study of tropomyosin
     structures required for contractile ring functions.

     We are carrying out a detailed mutagenesis of the cdc8
     gene.  We have found that some but not all fibroblast
     tropomyosin isoforms derived from the rat _-tropomyosin
     gene are capable of providing essential cdc8 tropomyosin
     functions during cytokinesis.  We are carrying out domain
     swapping experiments based on these results.

(2)  Identification of interacting genes and gene products using
     various genetic approaches.

My lab is located in the Plant Biotechnology Institute of the
National Research Council Canada in Saskatoon.  The position is
funded by a grant from the Medical Research Council.  Other work in
the lab includes study of plant chloroplast chaperonin proteins.

I am looking for someone with interests in cell cycle control or
the cytoskeleton and expertise in yeast molecular genetics or
protein structure.

Sean Hemmingsen          SHEMMING at PBI.NRC.CA
                         (306) 975-5242

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