zymolyase and alternatives

Fatima Cvrckova FATIMA at AT.AC.UNA.AIMP
Tue Nov 2 05:49:00 EST 1993

Dear Jens, Michael and others,

we are succesfully using snail digestive juice instead of zymolyase for 
spheroplasting for transformation. It is being sold as "Glusulase" by NEN-Du Pont 
(catalog: NEE154) for something like 110 $/10 ml vial (it is hard to compare units 
but it means that you need about $ 0.11 worth per transformation). If you want to 
save even more, you might collect your own snails and prepare the enzyme mix 
yourself (yuk - I would not recommend it).
You probably need to modify the method (I don't know the zymolyase version) - if you 
are interested, I can post our protocol.

Good luck!         Fatima

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