Yeast PKC in vivo

gbou at es.uam.cbm.mvax gbou at es.uam.cbm.mvax
Tue Nov 2 08:52:57 EST 1993

Dear Yeast-Netters,
     Do you know how the PKC from yeast (S. cerevisiae) can be stimulated in 
vivo? Dou you have any reference or experience?

     If you have, please let me know about it.

     PLEASE, send your answers to my personal account, because I'm not a 
continuous user of Bionet. I will post a summary with the most interesting 

     Thanks in advance.

     German BOU
     Centro de Biologia Molecular
     Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
     Cantoblanco. 28049 Madrid

     e-mail: GBOU at

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