disruption versus deletion

Rafael N Szeinfeld szeinfel at FOX.CCE.USP.BR
Wed Nov 3 09:58:23 EST 1993

On 2 Nov 1993, patrick linder wrote:

> Dear yeast netters,
> often gene disruptions in yeast are made by simple insertions of markers
> into the open reading frame of a gene to be studied. I believe that
> this is dangerous and may result in wrong interpretations. Do you
> have examples in which such simple disruptions gave results different
> from clean deletions or replacements. And what were the consequences? I
> would greatly appreciate to have commments on this problem.
> Thanks in advance.
> Patrick Linder
> Dept. of Microbiology
> Biozentrum
> Basel/Switzerland
	Hi Patrick,
	I made an one step gene disrruption, and after we transformed our
strain with the linear DNA fragment bearing the target gene with an
insertion, a gene replacement event took place as confirmed by southern
blot. We don't detected any strange behavior in our system. I would like
to know what kind of misinterpretations could arise from that. 
						Rafael Najmanovich
						szeinfel at fox.cce.usp.br

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