synthetic lethality

Marci Swede ms5h+ at
Fri Nov 5 14:56:34 EST 1993

Excerpts from netnews.bionet.molbio.yeast: 5-Nov-93 Re: synthetic
lethality by Matthew Sachs at ADMIN.OGI. 
> These authors describe what might be called "synthetic vitality", a
> phenomenon  closely related to "synthetic lethality".  The paper describes
> the isolation of phage P22 conditional-lethal mutations that suppress
> missense lethal mutations in other genes.  "...Suppressor analysis ought to
> be especially useful for investigating proteins that engage in strong
> noncovalent interactions with one another."
> Matthew Sachs

Actually, Jon Jarvik is faculty at Carnegie Mellon (where I'm a grad
student). He was teaching the course I referred to, and thus a
particularly funny remark, given his contributions to the field of
genetic interactions.


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