Synthetic lethality?? Help, please

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>somebody mentioned the term synthetic lethality the other day but was not
>able to explain what it is. Can someone out there enlighten me and perhaps
>also point me to relevant reverences?
Thanks. Will summarise if required.
Hello Horst and the others yeasters,
Suppose that you have deleted the X gene  and that no lethality was
observed for a strain bearing the deleted gene. A synthetic lethal mutation
will be a mutation elsewhere in the genome, not lethal alone, *but* its
association with the deleted X gene will be lethal. This is a synergistic
lethality. This method is very powerfull to detect interacting genes,
duplicated genes, multiunit complexes (cycle cell, splicing...)
The first paper at my knowledge describing synthetic lethal mutants
- Basson et al (1987)Genetics, 117: 645-655
Other interesting papers describing synthetic mutants in different yeast
domains are:
- Ota and Varshavsky (1992) PNAS, 89, 2355-2359
- Costignan et al (1992) MCB, 12, 1162-1178
- Frank et al, (1992) MCB, 12, 5197-5205
- Walworth et al (1992) MCB, 12, 2017-2028
- Matsui and Toh-e (1992) Gene, 114, 43-49
The term "colethality" is certainely clearer than "synthetic lethality"
for the non Greek or Hellenist people ;-)...
Bye and Yia sas!
Have a nice day,
Odile Ozier-Kalogeropoulos
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