disruption VS deletion

Marci Swede ms5h+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Nov 5 13:00:39 EST 1993

Excerpts from netnews.bionet.molbio.yeast: 5-Nov-93 Re: disruption VS
deletion by Rafael N Szeinfeld at FOX.C 
> Hey Marci you have nothing to say?
 I prefer to think of myself as the strong silent type. (pause for roars
of laughter from anyone who knows me).

With regard to the issue at hand... what about making a
dsruption-insertion mutation that includes the (putative) TATA and then
looking for message on a Northern?  If your message is absent under
conditions that it is normally present can you be confident that you
will have knocked out activity?

Thoughts Rafael, Morrie, anyone, anyone?


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