A new book, of interest to yeast biologists

Francis Ouellette francis at BORDUAS.NLM.NIH.GOV
Sat Nov 13 20:52:42 EST 1993

Dear Yeast bionetters,

here is something that may be of interest to you, a new book from Cold
Spring Harbor Lab Press.

For the record, I have no association with this book, publisher or 
distributor.  I do know some of the authors, but this post is of my own
instigation. I have not read this book yet, but I am sure it will
be quite interesting!

regards to all,


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The Early Days of Yeast Genetics

Michael N. Hall and Patrick Linder (Eds.)
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1993

	Ojvind Winge: Founder of Yeast Genetics
	R.K. Mortimer
	Carl C. Lindegren: Iconoclastic Father of Neurospora and Yeast 
	R.K. Mortimer
	Reprint from Nucleo-cytoplasmic Relations in Micro-organisms 
	"First Lecture"
	B. Ephrussi (1953)

	Reprint from Annual Review of Genetics
	"The Early Days of Yeast Genetics: A personal Narrative" 
	H. Roman (1986)

	Saccharomyces studies 1950-1960
	D.C. Hawthorne

	The origin of Schizosaccharomyces pombe Genetics 
	U. Leupold

Recombination, Gene Conversion, Mutation and Repair

	The Salad days of Yeast Genetics and Meiotic Gene Conversion
	S. Fogel

	My Road to Repair in Yeast: The importance of Being Ignorant 
	R.H. Hayns

	Some Recollections on Forty Years of Research in Yeast Genetics
	R.K. Mortimer

	Taming the Oldest Domesticated Organism
	R.C. von Borstel

	Chemically Induced Genmetic Change in Yeast Cells
	F.K. Zimmermann

Mitochondria and Cytoplasmic Inheritance

	Psi Phenomena in Yeast
	B. Cox

	From "Granules" to Organelles: How Yeast Mitochondria Became 
	G. Schatz

	From MIT to PET Genes
	A. Tzagoloff

	Early Recollections of Fungal Genetics and the Cytoplasmic 
	Inheritance Controversy
	D. Wilkie


	a's, and alpha's, and Shmoos: Mating Pheromones and Genetics
	V.L. MacKay

	Homothallism, Mating-type Switching, and the Controlling Element Model
	in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
	Y. Oshima

Cell Cycle

	Getting Started in the Cell Cycle
	L.H. Hartwell

	The Cell Cycle of Fission Yeast
	J.M. Mitchison

	Circles and Cycles: Early Days at Nutfield
	D.H. Williamson

Gene Structure and Expression

	Genetic Roods
	E.W. Jones

	My Life with Cytochrome c
	F. Sherman

Molecular Biology

	A Phage Geneticist Turns to Yeast
	D. Botstein

	Genes, Replicators, and Centromeres: The First Artificial Chromosomes
	J. Carbon

	Starting to Probe for Yeast Genes
	B.D. Hall

	From Caterpillars to Yeast
	F. Lacroute

	Humble Beginnings
	R.E. Esposito

	The Double Entendre
	G.R. Fink

	The Carlsberg Laboratory: Historical Retrospective and Personal 
	J. Friis

	The International Yeast Community
	R.C. von Borstel

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