clumpy yeast

Denys Proteau dp2p+ at
Tue Nov 23 15:04:12 EST 1993

  I don't know about round ball clumps, but I have "sticky" strains that
tend to fall out of suspension and stick to the side and bottom of the
tube.  I suspect that many factors are involved to cause this, and one
deletion I've made tends to cause them to (agglomerate? I don't know
what the best word is) so that they look like the fake snow in those
little glass balls with winter scenes.  For the strain like this that
I've attempted to transform with Lithium Acetate, it's transformability
doesn't seem to be much different from a related "sticky" strain that
doesn't make the "fake snow" agglomerated clumps.
   Denys Proteau
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, P. A.

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