clumpy yeast

Marci Swede ms5h+ at
Sat Nov 27 22:39:03 EST 1993

Clumpy yeast is known as flocculation, although it may not be spelled
that way :)

I work in a lipid lab and it had been suggested that flocculance is
affected by low levels of phosphatydilinositol (PI) in the membranes.
For example, certain strains, when grown in the absence of inositol
flocculate, but do not when supplemented with inositol.  Also, too
vigourous shaking can cause flocculance. There seems to be two "types"
of flocculant yeast: one type which return to solution with a quick
vortex, and one type that won't.  In my experience some strains that
flocculate under most conditions don't readily go into solution, but
those that flocculate when shaken to hard, or in the absence of inositol
only do return to solution.  I do not know how this is related to your
transformation.  Does a +trp related strain flocculate when grown in
minimal media?  Some strain backgrounds just do this.  I have a
particulter mutation in  strains derived from two differnt backgrounds--
one clumps, the other doesn't.  Try vortexing before transformation.  

Hope this helps,

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