more ways how to get clumpy yeast

Fatima Cvrckova FATIMA at AIMP.UNA.AC.AT
Sun Nov 28 05:37:24 EST 1993

Hello, Marci et al.,

The phenomenon of yeast clumpiness has been studied quite extensively (I believe 
that partly due to the fermentation technology people who are always worried 
about sedimentation and similar things). There are (at least) two ways how to get 
clumpy yeast:
1. True flocculation, i.e. secondary aggregation of cells that have been in the
solution. Thre are some lectin-like molecules involved in it, and the aggregation is
reversible. See M. Stratford, Yeast 8:25-38, 1992.
2. Failure to separate daughter cells after cytokinesis. This might have many 
reasons, e.g. poor expression of chitinase (which is required for cell wall 
separation. There are quite a few mutants described that have this phenotype. See
e.g. P.R. Dohrmann et al., Genes and Development 6:93-104, 1992.

I hope it helped


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