Introducing YAKs into human cells

Roger Reeves rreeves at WELCHLINK.WELCH.JHU.EDU
Fri Nov 26 11:37:39 EST 1993

Au contraire. Any cell that can be transformed with DNA by Ca phosphate, 
microinjection, lipofection or electorporation or that can be used in a 
somatic cell hybrid fusion can be the recipient of a YAC, independent of 
species of origin.  There is no known taxism in transformation.

On 23 Nov 1993, Christian B. Beltinger wrote:

> 	There is quite a lot of literature about introducing YACs into mammalian
> cells including embryonic stem cells.  There is an almost complete lack of
> reports about  attempts of introducing YACs into HUMAN cells.  Probably a
> lot of people have tried and failed.  Who has tried it and has an idea why
> it did not work?
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