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Francis Ouellette francis at AZALEA.NLM.NIH.GOV
Thu Oct 14 09:57:41 EST 1993

Rafael Najmanovich (szeinfel at asks:

> 	I remember that we had a discussion on setting up a yeast database
> as a gopher service, could someone tell me if it's already working? 

I'll send you (under seperater cover) the summary I just posted 
on this topic.   You can also gopher to:

gopher genome.Stanford.EDU

-->  10. Yeast BioSci Electronic Conference <?>

(where all the articles of this newsgroup are wais-indexed and 
 can be searched with key words)

search for: ouellette and database and long

and you get:

       Yeast BioSci Electronic Conference: ouellette and database and long

 -->  1.  francis at az 12-Oct-93 [SUMMARY]: "What would like to see in a YEAST ...
      2.  odile%FRCG  8-Sep-93 Re: Ideas and suggestions for *a* database.

"1." is it ...



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