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Francis Ouellette francis at AZALEA.NLM.NIH.GOV
Sun Sep 5 13:43:54 EST 1993

Dear Yeast bionetters,

In the interest of starting a new thread of discussion:

"What would like to see in a YEAST Database?"

there are lots of different databases out there which serve different
groups and types of data (EMBL, GenBank, Entrez, GDB, ACeDB, 
AAtDB and many more).  There are already some yeast databases 
(LISTA comes to mind) ... but if you let your imagination go ...  
and you want to have _THE_ yeast database for your use, 
as a yeast biologist ... 

::What would like to have in it?  

Some ideas (to get the ball rolling): the strain list (mutants with 
phenotype description, with pictures of colonies and/or cells), 
the gene list (Mortimer et al., ... on line), an EMBL/GenBank yeast 
database, the yeast Email directory (my plug ;-), a list of references 
with abtracts (in what format?).  

::How would organize it?     

Like ACeDB (plug for Stanford group to get into discussion)? 
How would you want things linked together?  Without getting into the
nitty gritty of the software running this, maybe some general ideas
on format, updating the data and so on.  Would it be practictal 
to have different groups managing different databases, and another
group integrating the different databases?  (this way ... you never
lose "ownership" of your database). Or is that too limiting in the
improvement on the integration of the data?

::Where would it run?

Mac, DOS, Unix, VMS, some sort of window environment, on the Internet, 
gopher or some yet uninvented tool [please expand on this one :)?  
Lets not worry, "who" would be doing it, but maybe how it would be done.

This thread of discussion is for users, so they can say what they
may like to see, and also for developers to expose some of their ideas 
on what they are doing and or thinking about.  Many points have been
raised here ... please feel free to discuss one, or a few if you

So ...  let the discussions begin!

regards to all,


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