your ideas on *the* Yeast database ...

Geoff Kornfeld geoffk at aix00.csd.unsw.OZ.AU
Mon Sep 6 00:20:26 EST 1993

>::What would like to have in it?
>Some ideas (to get the ball rolling): the strain list (mutants with
>phenotype description, with pictures of colonies and/or cells),
>the gene list (Mortimer et al., ... on line), an EMBL/GenBank yeast
>database, the yeast Email directory (my plug ;-), a list of references
>with abtracts (in what format?).

How about a transcription factor database JUST FOR YEAST and kept up to date.
I can start the ball rolling there once you decide on a suitable format.

Another suggestion would be a database of probes for yeast genes.

Geoff Kornfeld

geoffk at

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