Ideas and suggestions for *the* yeast database

Dean H. Saxe dsaxe at
Tue Sep 7 22:12:01 EST 1993

Well, looks like I should try that again! 

XDEBOLLE%BNANDP51.earn at (Xavier) writes:
: Hi netters,
: I would like to propose some ideas and/or suggestions about the yeast
: database proposed by Francis O..
: First, most of the biologists studying yeast or working with yeast cannot
: use a computer (other than Mac) correctly. However, a yeast database would
: be built up for them. It seems therefore that the access and the use of this
: yeast database must be easy and simple.

	The idea of a simple database has already been brought up, namely by 
putting the database on a gopher site.  While gopher is certainly easy to use,
even for the computer / internet novices, many people do not have any knowledge
of its existance.  Therefore I propose that when the database is compiled and 
the programming done, that it be ported to a number of different platforms.  
MS DOS, Unix, Mac OS, and VAX/VMS would be a good start to cover the majority
of possible users.  I believe that in this manner each researcher may use
the operating system which he or she is most familiar with, and therefore
they will gain the most out of the database.  While thismeans extra work for
the programmers, the benfits to the yeast community will be improved greatly.

Just my $.02 worth,
Dean H. Saxe   

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