Ideas and suggestions for *the* yeast database

Dean H. Saxe dsaxe at
Tue Sep 7 21:33:35 EST 1993

XDEBOLLE%BNANDP51.earn at (Xavier) writes:
: Hi netters,
: I would like to propose some ideas and/or suggestions about the yeast
: database proposed by Francis O..
: First, most of the biologists studying yeast or working with yeast cannot
: use a computer (other than Mac) correctly. However, a yeast database would
: be built up for them. It seems therefore that the access and the use of this
: yeast database must be easy and simple.
: I personally think that *one* yeast database would be better than a lot
: of "little" databases. Indeed, when you want information about a yeast
: gene, you need sequences, related genes in other yeasts, strains lists,
: papers lists, informations about the regulation of THAT1 gene or about
: the metabolic role of THIS2 protein, ... you will then spend a lot of time
: connecting to computers and searching databases, eliminating repetitions, ...
: If all the "databasable" informations about yeast are put together to form
: *the* yeast database, you will probably avoid these problems. This doesn't
: mean that "little" databases must be deleted, the ideal would be that the two
: systems co-exist, because their role is different.
: Perhaps that yeast database is the opportunity to make a unique database
: easily accessible to all the biologists interested in yeast.
: Best regards to all,
: Xavier De Bolle
: PS: sorry for "english errors"

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