Ideas and suggestions for *the* yeast database

Xavier XDEBOLLE%BNANDP51.earn at
Tue Sep 7 17:26:53 EST 1993

Hi netters,
I would like to propose some ideas and/or suggestions about the yeast
database proposed by Francis O..
First, most of the biologists studying yeast or working with yeast cannot
use a computer (other than Mac) correctly. However, a yeast database would
be built up for them. It seems therefore that the access and the use of this
yeast database must be easy and simple.
I personally think that *one* yeast database would be better than a lot
of "little" databases. Indeed, when you want information about a yeast
gene, you need sequences, related genes in other yeasts, strains lists,
papers lists, informations about the regulation of THAT1 gene or about
the metabolic role of THIS2 protein, ... you will then spend a lot of time
connecting to computers and searching databases, eliminating repetitions, ...
If all the "databasable" informations about yeast are put together to form
*the* yeast database, you will probably avoid these problems. This doesn't
mean that "little" databases must be deleted, the ideal would be that the two
systems co-exist, because their role is different.
Perhaps that yeast database is the opportunity to make a unique database
easily accessible to all the biologists interested in yeast.
Best regards to all,
Xavier De Bolle
PS: sorry for "english errors"

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