anything that kills bacteria but not yeast?

Dubear Kroening dubear at
Tue Sep 7 08:40:35 EST 1993

Francis Ouellette (francis at wrote:
: mlevin at (Michael Levin) writes:
: :     Is there any agent that can be put in media which will discourage
: : bacterial growth, but won't bother yeast? If you know of anything like
: : that, please email mlevin at
: a good question for bionet.molbio.yeast!  :-)
: low pH might be your answer ... I will let others send in their favorite
: recipe.
: regards,
: francis

We had some problems with bacterial contamination, and so started to 
routinely add 25 ug/ml (final) of tetracycline (dissolved in ethanol).  It
seems to work well.  Does anyone see any problems with this or have any 

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