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Wed Sep 8 10:51:08 EST 1993

rbowers at csusb (Cosmo) writes:

>	First, let me say that I know *nothing* about biology/chemistry.

>I am posting this because my doctor has been useless in this.

>	I am a begining bodybuilder. I have read numerous books on the subject.

>One thing that comes up now and then is protein absorbtion. From what I can

>understand, a *raw* egg (yech), has the *most* usable protein than any other

>food, mainly because of the amino acid content. It was also hinted at that the

>*raw* egg (yech) also has a natural hormone similar to the male testosterone.

>	Now I refuse to eat raw eggs.. (yech), but instead, I have found that

>taking brewers yeast provides a complete supply of amino acids so that I can

>substitute the raw eggs for say, a potato, and the yeast will help to boost the

>protein absorbtion in addition to a healthy supply of the vitamin B complex.

>All I want to know is this: is all this true? Can I hurt myself by taking too

>much of this stuff? Is it really doing anything for me? Does an egg really have

>an anobolic steriod effect(sp?)... When I asked my Doc, he said that the body

>reduces *everything* I eat into glucose, and therefore it didn't matter what i

>ate or took... please inform....


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>My God! It's full of stars!

One problem associated with yeast as foodsource is its high 
nucleic acid content (DNA + RNA) which may cause, when ingested 
in large quantities, kidney stones and gout. This is due 
(probably) to the accumulation or uric acid in the organism.
Also but I am not sure: isn't yeast sometimes used as a laxative?
(please don't flame me for this!)
Hope it helps.

Jacques Oberto  <oberto at>

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