more on yeast databases

Thu Sep 9 22:38:35 EST 1993

Dear yeast net,
    As a new user both of yeast and of this network,
I may be about to suggest things already in existence or
otherwise naive, but...
1)  Re. many small or one large database:  My impression
is that most tasks would require some cross-referencing,
making one large database the ideal option, if it's at
all workable.
2)  Someone suggested a database of probes; more generally,
I would find a database of yeast plasmids (giving selectable
markers, a restriction map, pointers to sequences, etc.)
*incredibly* useful.
3)  A list of strains and any markers or mutations they carry
would also be a big help, especially to novices.
                             Cliff Zeyl
                             b7jm at

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