more on yeast databases

Thu Sep 9 22:32:25 EST 1993

Dear Yeast net,
   As a new user both of yeast and of this network,
I'm probably about to suggest things that are already in
existence or that are otherwise naive, but...
1)   Re. many small or one large - given that some
cross-referencing will probably be required for most
tasks, one large database seems the theoretical ideal,
if it's at all workable
2)   Somebody mentioned a database of probes; I would
find a database of yeast plasmids, describing the type of
plasmid (selectable markers, etc.), restriction maps if
possible, and pointers to sequences, *incredibly* useful.
3)   Lists of strains and the mutations they carry would
be a big help to us novices.
                            Cliff Zeyl

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