Proteins involved in DNA transcription

Nicholas Beeson beeson at
Fri Sep 10 20:35:43 EST 1993

We are looking for collaboration opportunities with molecular biology groups 
that are involved in the study of proteins involved in the transcription of DNA.

I am part of a structural biology group with extensive experience in solving
the solution structure of proteins ( using NMR spectroscopy.) 
( I am a postdoc in Gerhard Wagner's lab at the Harvard Medical School).

A requirement for protein structure determination by NMR is that
it is necessary to enrich the proteins with 15N and 13C. Therefore, a
high level of expression in a suitable host (e.g. E. Coli, yeast ) is essential.

If you are working with such a protein, and have the necessary expression
system set up and 
if you are interested in collaboration with a lab that can determine the
solution structure of such a protein, please contact me by e-mail at 
sekhar at
Sekhar Talluri
sekhar at

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