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Mike Cherry cherry at cycle.Stanford.EDU
Sat Sep 11 18:46:12 EST 1993

In article <1993Sep11.170214.10862 at fcom.cc.utah.edu>,
David Stillman  <stillman at bioscience.utah.edu> wrote:
>It has tremendous potential, for it is very easy to use.  A mechanism is
>needed for the submission of data that is so easy that it will be used. 
>Many labs have cloned multicopy suppressors or genome pieces in a
>two-hybrid screen.  For many of these clones small bits have been
>sequenced, but have not scored a hit in the database.  Hybidization to
>the prime clone filters has identified a map location, but no known gene.
> Many multicopy suppressors sit unloved in the freezer because there are
>other, more interesting, clones to characterize.  
>Entering these clones into the database, by prime clone number, would
>allow new regulatory connections to be established when the region is
>sequenced or cloned in a subsequent screen.

I agree completely. This is one of our biggest challenges -- to create
a submission system that is so trivial to use that it will actually be
used by the majority of the community. We are exploring several
possible solutions.

For the present we will accept submissions via electronic mail.
Anyone that currently has information about hybridization results from
clones to the prime clone filters are invited to send this information
via electronic mail to:

	yeast-curator at genome.stanford.edu

Linda Riles has already sent us her list and it is available through
Gopher. We will regularly update the information available via the
Gopher as new submissions are received. However please note that what
is currently available via the genome-gopher.stanford.edu server is
incomplete. We have not yet included all the types of information that
we intend to provide, such as references to where the result was
obtained and contact information for those that did the experiments.

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