rlawson at rlawson at
Sat Sep 18 10:05:16 EST 1993

	I'm looking for a good genomic or cDNA expression library from 
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain S150-2B if possible) that was made from 
cells that were in the log phase of growth.  We currently have an antibody 
that reacts with a 42kDa peptide that is presentonly in exponentially growing 
cells and we would like to be able to isolatethe gene and do some knockout 
experiements.  Also if any of you have or knowwhere I can get the e-mail 
address for Rich Young at White head, or maybe MITI'm not sure which, please 
send that along as well.  Respond by e-mail or post.

						Thanks in advance
						Bob Lawson

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