software for lista* (suit)

Coornaert D. dacoo at
Fri Sep 24 11:39:16 EST 1993

 I recieve some mail saying that there was no software for lista ....

I probably badly explained myself ...

I have recently seen Piotr Slonimsky presenting diapos. of a very cute pgm
which was reading the datas in LISTA db, I am thinking that this software
was SPECIFICALLY written for accessing the LISTA db ....

It has the cute ability of showing  for each gene (by mouse operation..)
sequence / distance from next and previous ORF, best BLAST and FASTA score
prosite element, and many many many more...

( ref, codon usage and a lot of things I do not remember)

No one has seen Dr Piotr Slonimsky presenting these diapos ? 
Cos' This software...... I need it !

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