reading LISTA

Fatima Cvrckova FATIMA at AT.AC.UNA.AIMP
Fri Sep 24 16:01:00 EST 1993

Dear Yeasters,

If you wish to search Lista and are a PC rather than Macintosh fan, I would
recommend you a lovely little database program called IdeaList and distributed
by Blackwell Scientific Publishing (there is also a free read-only version of
it). I am a bit conservative and therefore still using a rather ancient DOS 
version, but there is now also a Windows one. I have written an import filter
for LISTA (based on version 2 of Lista and IdeaList for DOS ver.1991; I hope it 
will work w. LISTA3 but it may not work with Idealist for windows) and
I'm willing to send it to anybody interested.

Fatima (fatima at

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