software for lista3

patrick linder linder at ch.unibas.urz
Fri Sep 24 16:23:14 EST 1993

In reply to the question from Coornaert D. concerning ListA3:

You can get ListA3 from []. We use it for
the moment in the SRS system (Thure Etzold, described in the lista.doc)
in conjunction with the gcg programs or in form of a flat file on 
any computer. 

You also can put it into 4th dimension. This is the program Piotr Slonimski 
and Sophie Brouillet use for the Chromosome III database with "sequence / 
distance from next and previous ORF, best BLAST and FASTA score prosite 
element, and many many many more...."

Great, the only problem with 4th dimension is that it is rather expensive.

Hope this helps,

Patrick Linder
Dept. of Microbiology
CH-4056 Basel
linder at

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