sporulation problem

Tien-Hsien Chang tchang at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Mon Apr 4 12:56:09 EST 1994

     We are trying to do random sporulation in batch of a diploid strain 
containing a centromere plasmid library and look for the presence of the marked
plasmid in haploids harboring a marked chromosome.  We normally had no problem 
in getting tetrads for dissection.  However, in this case, we experienced 
problems in detecting tetrads after sporulating diploid cells collected from 2X
YPD plates in 1% potassium acetate solution.  Any idea?  Thanks in advance for 
hints and information.

                         Tien-Hsien Chang
                         Department of Molecular Genetics
                         The Ohio State University

                         (614)-292-4466 [fax]

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