need help with gene mapping

kohlwein at kohlwein at
Fri Apr 8 12:05:54 EST 1994

Dear buddies,
we are trying to map a mutation, but we got stuck with the markers that
we have available.
1-we found linkage to sec11 which is on chromosome IX (is it ?)
2-the distance from the centromer should be about 20 cM
3-using his6 which is exactly where we would locate our mutation we don't
  find linkage at all...

so my questions are:
is there anybody out there who can tell me exactly where sec11 and his6
are located ?
who is involved in sequencing chromosome IX (or whatever chromosome it is
that sec11 is located on) and may have clones/sequence
information available from that region ?
many thanks in advance

Sepp D. Kohlwein
Institut fuer Biochemie, TU Graz
kohlwein at

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