selection for plasmid loss

Preston Garrison garrisonp at THORIN.UTHSCSA.EDU
Tue Apr 12 02:54:52 EST 1994

>        Does anyone know of selective methods, as opposed to screening, to
>isolate yeast transformants that have lost plasmids carrying auxotrophic
>markers other than URA3?  5FOA selects for loss of URA3, but are methods
>known that select for loss of TRP1, HIS3, or LEU2?
>Alan Bakalinsky
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Don't know of any selections against the markers mentioned, but you can select
against LYS2 with alpha-aminoadipate (D.A. Barnes and J. Thorner, Mol. Cell. 
Biol. 6: 2828-2838 1986.

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