Inducible expression vector?

Brian Osborne bosborne at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Apr 13 23:29:25 EST 1994

To the Group,
I am looking for an inducible expression vector for S.
cerevisiae. It could be either 2 micron or CEN, preferably
with some sort of polylinker for cloning of the cDNA, and
without its own ATG. The vectors I used many years ago in
L. Guarente's lab are clumsy and uncharacterized. I'm 
going to express some N. tabacum and Arabidopsis cDNAs
in yeast, mostly exploratory experiments. I apologize
if this question is asked too often.
Please respond to me and I will gladly summarize.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Brian Osborne
bosborne at

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