C. Albicans info request

Kevin C. Hazen kch7y at galen.med.Virginia.EDU
Sat Apr 16 16:12:18 EST 1994

There are at least 6 credible _books_ published since 1987 on
C. albicans.  For the information you desire, the book by Frank
Odds called _Candida and candidosis_ (1989) is the best.  You
asked a tall order as over 500 articles about _C. albicans_
appear every year.  Another good resource is Current Topics in
Med. Mycol.  There are five volumes (the sixth is due out
within a year). Every volume has at least one good review on
_C. albicans_.  If you need further help, feel free to email.
Good Luck!

Kevin C. Hazen
khazen at virginia.edu

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