How many buddings before the mother cell autolyse?

Tae Hoon Kim tkim at
Tue Apr 19 01:55:11 EST 1994

Hello. I am an undergraduate student working on a senior thesis project
involving the possible relationship between senescence and programmed cell
death. A small part of my thesis deals with evolution of cell death 
mechanisms in relation to programmed cell death and cellular senescence. 
I have ran across some interesting literature on yeast senescence.

Scar on the cell wall of S cerevisiae limits the potential number
of cell budding before the mother cell autolysis. Based on the surface area
the maximum potential number of buddings before the entire cell wall is 
covered with budding scars is about 100. Is it true that observed number
of budding before autolysis is smaller than the limit set by the cell wall

I would appreciate any comments concerning this matter. 

Tae Hoon Kim
tkim at
Reed College

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